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P-Bass has a chunky neck, which is claimed to contribute to its chunky sound. A P bass is never going to sound like a J bass though. But they are awesome at what they do. Simple, fit in the mix perfectly, a great classic tone that everybody knows. When gigging I'll normally grab a J bass but I like a P too.

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P-bas squier 2009 inkl. gigbag. Välljudad och Yamaha TRBX 305 5-strängad bas. Yamaha TRBX 305 Wilkinson mickar till Jazz Bass -såld-. Wilkinson  2996 likerklikk, 27 kommentarer – Ultimate Online Bass School Jazz bass v.s. Precision bass which one is your favourite?? ⠀.

Having changed the world with the Precision Bass in 1951, Leo unleashed the Jazz Bass in 1960. Jazz Bass Vs Precision Bass (3 KEY Differences Explained) - YouTube.

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It also opened up the world of bass to a whole new generation of would-be players. The double-cutaway design is reminiscent of a Stratocaster shape. Of course, many bass players have both and those two basses cover a lot of ground. I know some bassists that will only play a P-Bass and don’t like the Jazz sound or vice verse.

P bass vs jazz bass

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Jan 9, 2007 The Jazz bass, in my opinion, tends to give a crisp full sound but lacks the amount of bass that the P-bass gives. In modern music, the P-bass  Mar 23, 2020 Both our American Ultra Jazz and P-Bass Bound share 10”-14” compound-radius fingerboards, with 21 medium-jumbo frets.

Fender Bass Shootout - MIJ Walnut Jazz vs. US Vintage P-Bass Lee and Nathan put a Japanese Walnut Jazz up against an American-made Vintage P Bass.
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P bass vs jazz bass

Jazz vs Precision Bass Fender är namnet på musikinstrumenttillverkaren som Bassister över hela världen förblir förvirrade mellan P-bas och J-bas till datum.

This series comes with a two-color headstock logo, three-ply pickguard in black – white – black, and separate volume controls for each pickup. The Jazz Bass is the tool of legends like, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, and fFea. It is known for a scooped sound that has a big bottom end and clear highs. It doesn’t not sit in the mix like a P bass does, rather it cuts through more aggressively.
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Kör man stallmicken ensam blir ljudet  Fender American Original '60s Jazz Bass RosewoodFender. 18790 kr. Jämför pris · Fender Fender Custom Shop Sean Hurley 1961 P BassFender.

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Green P-Bass Guitarnet.se - bäst ton för pengarna

The P bass has a double cutaway like a Strat but larger and chunkier. 2009-07-11 A P Bass does its thing really well. To me, the two classic P sounds are fingers with flats and the bright rounds with a pick sound from any number of punk bands. I've always found a Jazz a lot more versatile. You can come way closer to approximating a P with a Jazz than the reverse.

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The Jazz is more versatile due to having two pickups. There's more treble, and the Jazz has a characteristic growl. The body shape is different as the Jazz bass has an offset body style. The P bass is similar to a Stratocaster with its double cutaway. The Precision bass neck is thicker at the nut (around 43mm) whereas the Jazz tapers towards the nut (38mm).

Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try A P Bass does its thing really well.